Traveling the world on board. Crossing the ocean for the love of skateboarding and its community. 71 days and more than 20.000 kilometers later I finished the trip of a lifetime.


photo: Jonny Lachapelle

The Start
I started this trip off at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with the goal to learn about skate culture on the other side of the planet. Canada and America would be my home for next two and a half months. The ticket was one way and my VISA 90 days. Saying my family good bye with a little tear but you know what is coming ahead of you. Actually… I didn’t really. To be honest I only planned the races and events I wanted to go to and I was lucky enough my team mate Jonny Yardwaste would pick me up at the airport to let me live on his couch for as long as I needed. In those 71 days I never had a problem with housing. Every skater treated me like family.

Beside the beauty of the roads and breathtaking nature I was most impressed by the community and it's hospitality. The skaters of North America and especially Vancouver would take that extra step to make sure I would have a roof above my head every night. Not once I had to sleep under a bridge or book a hotel room. All I had to do was ask… Posted on Facebook and the skate fam would take care of the rest. I highly recommend staying at people's couches if you have the chance. Every skater has a reason to host you and a story to tell.

photo: Rosanne Steeneken

Salt Spring Slasher’s a race on a small Canadian Island (highly recommend) would be my first race ever. It was raining all day but right before my racing heat the road dried up (thank you skate lord). I was super nervous and this track scared the f*ck out of me. It was fast with a big right corner. I had never experienced this before and had no idea how everything would go down or what you are supposed to do! Luckily the girls in Canada are very supportive and helped me through it. I lined up with Victoria and Katie at the starting line for the girls finals. My heart was beating in my throat and I thought I would throw up in my helmet! My mind wouldn't shut up. This is kinda weird to me because it’s the same thing as always! You already pushed 100 times before that and you know exactly how to skate down that hill. Still I was shaking. 

I zipped up my turquoise and gold BTR leathers and closed my visor. As soon as I heard ‘go!’ something switched… I was in some sort of race mode. All the nerves fell from my shoulders for these three minutes I’d worked for all year. I remember every second of that race, where I took first podium in my life, finishing 2nd. Racing made me realize I am able to do so much more than I thought. You explore new grounds of speed and skating close to other people. I feel like I learned how to live in the moment because of it.


photo: Tyler Topping 

Taking second at Danger Bay meant a lot to me. This race has been going on for a long time now. Everyone was so supportive when I made it to finals. Going up in the Uhaul to the start line again was great. We passed the whole crowd and all my friends were cheering for me giving me an incredible feeling. Special thanks to Maxwell Kaye for coaching me through everything. He made me see I can do this! Thanks to the community for those experiences!


 photo: Tyler Topping 

Skating Dreams
Skating Danger Bay, Jake’s Rash and the Salt Spring Slasher, plus Giant’s Head and Maryhill was unreal. As a European being far away from these events and always wanting to go. I’d watched all the videos and heard all the great stories over the three years I’ve skated.

photo: Cool People Care 

The races in Canada took me to the Islands around Vancouver. That was actually really cool traveling to such a beautiful place just to skate!


photo: Tyler Topping 

The history of Coast Longboarding is around there. Salt Spring and Sunshine Coast are such a recommendation! The people living on the islands know about skating and are very supportive of it. 

Danger Bay was like a festival. Lots of people, music, a parade and a lot of beer haha. The race was overwhelming, all girls were all very supportive and it was one big bundle of stoked flying around. Crazy good vibes. I highly recommend this event for every level of skater. You will get to know a lot of awesome people and experience a bunch of skating history.


photo: Jonny Lachapelle

Solo Adventure

I highly recommend doing at least one big trip by yourself. You will learn so much about yourself and the world. I don’t wanna sound like every Tumblr blogger but it will really changes who you are and how you see the world. Adventures are the best way to experience a new culture.


photo: Tyler Topping 

You challenge yourself constantly to fix the problems you run in. Those problems will turn into adventures you never planned beforehand what will make great memories to look back on.

What’s Next
I like racing because I feel like I can put all my love for skating into it. The stress is kinda nice in a way. It makes you on-point with your skills and gear. You just wanna go that extra bit to make it that podium reality.


 photo: Noah Fisher

In 2018 I hope to do Eurotour. The competition will be so much harder over here. In the Netherlands we have no hills to practice on so I hope to do some trips this year to keep my skills on point! I’m ready to get lost with my board in the continents that this big earth has to offer.  Want to see me try to stay in one piece? Follow: rosanne_onboard

Adventure doesn't happen until something goes wrong. Go out and explore the world full of fast roads and beautiful people.
Thanks for reading.